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This is Part Two of Volume Two of Petra Fine Art's collection of David Roberts' Antique Lithographs. Volume Two details Roberts' travels through the Jordan, Tyre, Sidon and Baalbek and contains many drawings with spectacular color and detail. Volume Two is one of Six volumes in this catalog. You can access other volumes by following the directional symbols at the bottom of each page. We have included a thumbnail of each lithograph to minimize loading time of each page. Press the description of the image located below each thumbnail to see a high-quality, detailed image. Images are from 100K-200K in size.

All lithographs shown are for sale. Price list available by Email or by calling (410) 235-1696.

#64: St. Jean D'Acre, from the Land #65: St. Jean D'Acre from the Sea #66: Cape Blanco #67: Port of Tyre #68: General View of Tyre
#69: Ruins of an Ionic Temple #70: Tyre from the Isthmus #71: Sarepta #72: Sidon, General View #73: Sidon, from the North
#74: Sidon, looking towards Lebanon #75: Citadel of Sidon #76: Baalbec, General View #77: Jenin, Ancient Jezreel #78: Baalbec, Western Portico
#79: Lesser Temple of Baalbec, towards Lebanon #80: Doorway, Baalbec #81: Circular Temple, Baalbec #82: Portion of Eastern Portico, Baalbec #83: Shrine of Nativity, Bethlehem
#84: Bethlehem #85: Bethany #86: Chancel of the Church of St. Helena, Bethlehem

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