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Antique Bible and Quran Leaves

King James Bible Leaves, A.D. 1611-1613, invididual original leaves of the Old Testament, from the First Edition, Second State (after Frye) of the authorized King James Version of the Bible. Leaves measure 15" by 10.25"

Biblia Interprete Sebastiani Castalloni, Una Cum Euisdam Annotationibus, A.D. 1556. Original Leaves from the Holy Bible According to the Interpretation of Sebastian Chateillons, with his Commentary, published in Baisel, Switzerland by Ioannes Operini. Leaves measure 14.5" by 9.25".

Biblia Hebraica, A.D. 1584. Original leaves from the Bible in Hebrew, printed in Antwerp by Christopher Plantin. In Hebrew and standard Latin Vulgate text. Leaves measure 14.5" by 9.375".

Antique Quran Leaves, 17th-19th Century. Each page is hand-written, front and back, in black ink with gold rosettes interspersed throughout the text. Some pages also include polychrome headers marking the beginning of a "sura," or chapter, each unique page represents a fine example of traditional Arabic calligraphy. Leaves measure 7.5" by 5.5" to 11" by 7.75".

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King James Bible Page Page from the Quran Page from the Quran
Biblia Hebraica Page from the Latin Bible

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