About Us

Since 1991, Petra Fine Art has offered the finest antique images of the Middle East and of the Classical World. The inventory includes hundreds of engravings and lithographs depicting the 18th and 19th Century worlds of these exotic lands, a fine selection of 16-19th Century antique maps, travel plate books, and antique paintings.

Among the featured artists in Petra’s inventory include: The original David Roberts lithographs from his 1842-49 Standard Folio (First) Edition entitled, The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt and Nubia; the 1820 Plates Illustrative of the Researches and Operations in Egypt and Nubia by G. B. Belzoni; Middle Eastern steel engravings, featuring W.H. Bartlett (ca. 1835); Sir William Hamilton’s First Series of Greek and Etruscan Vases of 1764; and the Raphaello Sanzio da Urbino’s Vatican Loggia engravings of the late 18th Century. The period, Frederick Catherwood engravings of the Mayan ruins, round out our inventory.

I have B.A. in Ancient Studies from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and an M.L.A. in History of Ideas (Near Eastern Studies) from the Johns Hopkins University. My background in the Classical, Byzantine and Ottoman worlds offers a unique perspective, as well as an important resource, to collectors in these genres.

Please feel free to contact me by either telephoning (410) 235-1696, or (410) 925-0467, or by e-mailing me at: petrafineart@gmail.com.

George D. Lintzeris, M.L.A.
Petra Fine Art