Antique Paintings

David Roberts, Saint Sophia and the Bosphorus, w/c.  1835


Zenobia Beseeching the Emperor, Aurelian, Italian. Late 18th Cent. o/c


 Italian Nobleman. Early-18th Cent. o/c.


Madonna della Grazie, [after Raphaello Sanzio]. Early 18th Cent


Woodland Landscape. Large, o/c. Italian school. Late 18th-early 19th Cent.


Gondolas on the Grand Canal. Oil on copper. Venetian School. Mid-19 Cent.


Bedouin Sentinel. Oil on canvas. Signed Findalky? French orientalist. 1862.


Arabian Horseman. Oil on panel. Harry Fenn. Late 19th cent.-Early 20th cent.


Warrior Mounted on Arabian Stallion. Oil on canvas, B. L. Collins, British. [After Adolf Schreyer] C. 1911.


Death of Hector. Oil on panel. Dutch. Late 17th cent.


Hajj to Mecca. Oil on canvas. Impressionism. Probably French. C. 1920.


The Piazzetta di San Marco. Oil on panel. Italian School. 19th Cent.