David Roberts Lithographs
(from the Standard Folio Edition and the Royal Subscription Edition)

Lithographs from the Standard Folio (First) Edition of David Roberts, R.A., The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt and Nubia, published between 1842-1849, from drawings made on the spot by David Roberts, R.A. Lithographed by Louis Haghe. Published by F.G. Moon, 20 Threadneedle St., London. (Limited to 500 sets.)

Terms: This supersedes all previous catalogs. All images are original lithographs. Images are toned (2-3 colors for Holy Land images; 3-4 for Egyptian images) as published. Hand coloring applied to images after publication-these have been professionally cleaned. AEG (all edges gilt) and the toned images may have nominal amounts of foxing and staining due to their age.

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[Half Folio images meas. c. 10″ x 14″ exclusive of margins.]
[Large Folio images meas. c. 14″ x 20″ exclusive of margins.]



David Roberts Lithographs of the Holy Land, Syria, and Idumea

David Roberts Lithograph, RSE-15 Church of the Purification, Jerusalem

David Roberts lithograph, SFE-119 Principal Courtyard of St. Catherine’s

David Roberts lithograph, SFE-111 Chapel at St. Catherine’s, Mt. Sinai

David Roberts lithograph, SFE-115  Convent of St. Catherine, Mt. Sinai to the Plain

David Roberts lithograph, SFE-105 Site of Petra, Looking South

David Roberts lithograph, SFE-95 Petra Shewing the Upper or Eastern End of the Valley

David Roberts lithograph, SFE-87 Title Vignette, Entrance to Petra

David Roberts lithograph, SFE-64 St. Jean D’Acre from the Land (Framed)

 David Roberts lithograph, SFE-50 Convent of St. Saba

David Roberts lithograph, SFE-3 Greek Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Framed)

David Roberts lithograph, RSE-07 The Theater, Petra


David Roberts Lithograph, SFE-117. Convent of St. Catherine with Mount Horeb

David Roberts Lithograph. SFE-76. General View of Baalbec 


David Roberts Lithograph. SFE-2. Damascus Gate, Jerusalem

David Roberts Lithograph. SFE-57. Ashdod

David Roberts Lithograph. SFE-16. Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Exterior View

David Roberts Lithograph. SFE-114. Ascent to the Summit of Sinai

David Roberts Lithograph. SFE-28. Fountain of the Virgin, Nazareth

David Roberts Lithograph. SFE-83. Shrine of the Nativity, Bethlehem

David Roberts Lithograph. SFE-49.  The Dead Sea, Looking toward Moab

 David Roberts Lithograph. SFE-1. Title Vignette. Vol. I.  Entrance to the Holy Sepulcher


David Roberts Lithographs of Egypt and Nubia

David Roberts Lithograph, RSE 144  Great Hall at Karnac

David Roberts lithograph, SFE-156 View under the Portico at Edfou 

David Roberts lithograph, SFE- 191  Pyramids of Geezeh (Framed) 

 David Roberts lithograph, SFE-166 Grand Approach to the Temple of Philae, Nubia (Framed)

David Roberts lithograph, SFE-150 General View of  the Island of Philae, Nubia


David Roberts Lithograph. SFE-130.  Remains of the Portico of the Temple of Kom Ombo

David Roberts Lithograph. SFE-188. Temple of Dandour


David Roberts Lithograph. SFE-137. Sanctuary of the Great Temple of Aboo Simbel, Nubia

David Roberts Lithograph. SFE-127. Pyramids of Geezeh from the Nile

David Roberts Lithograph. SFE-141. Side View of the Great Sphinx, Gizeh


David Roberts Lithograph. SFE-126. Title Vignette. Vol. IV. Entrance to the Great Temple of Aboo Simbel, Nubia


David Roberts Lithograph. SFE-148. Temple at Esneh


David Roberts Lithograph. SFE-169. Title Vignette. Vol V.  Entrance to the Great Gate of the Temple of Karnak


David Roberts Lithograph. SFE-240.  View of the Nile Ferry to Gizeh


David Roberts Lithograph. SFE-133. Excavated Temple at Gyrshe, Nubia


David Roberts Lithograph. SFE-183.  View Under the Grand Portico of the Temple of Dendera


David Roberts Lithograph. SFE-160.  Dendera



David Roberts Spanish Sketches, 1837

 Sketches in Spain Taken During the years 1832 & 1833


This volume of tinted lithographs was David Roberts’s first published set of views. After working as a house painter in Edinburgh he became a scene painter at theatres in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Carlisle and London. He began travelling on the continent in the 1820s and visited Spain and Tangier on the recommendation of his fellow Scottish artist David Wilkie. Roberts’s skill as a draughtsman and his love of architecture are clearly to be seen in this work. Though not as well-known as his later sketches of the Holy Land and Egypt, these lithographs helped to establish Roberts as a topographical artist and aided his election as a Royal Academician in 1841. Roberts being dissatisfied with the quality of many of the lithographs, worked on many of the lithographic stones himself, erasing some of the original engravings. Instead of taking two months, this work took seven months. It is perhaps significant that Roberts’s later work was lithographed by Louis Haghe and printed by Day and Haghe, rather than Charles Hullmandel, who printed ‘Picturesque sketches’. Although Roberts received £350 for the drawings, he felt he had been cheated by Hodgson and Graves, the publishers. They sold the drawings to Colnaghi for £300 and sold the book of the prints for four guineas. According to James Ballantine, Roberts’s first biographer, ‘the views,” when they were published, had an enormous sale, and since then, the work has gone through more printings than any work in lithography ever published’. Within 2 months they had sold 1,200 copies and reprints were still selling twenty years l 

[Plates measure 14.5″ x 21″ unless indicated.  Hand colored examples. Many of these exhibit tears and toning, due to their age.]