Hugh W. Williams engraving of the Acropolis at Athens

Hugh William Williams

He was a Scottish watercolor painter known as “Grecian Williams”, originally published his ‘Select Views in Greece with Classical Illustrations’ in 12 parts between 1823 and 1829. This volume includes all the views from the 12 part series.

In June 1816 Williams embarked on “an extensive journey through Italy and Greece in the company of his friend and patron William Douglas of Orchardton, MP. They visited Rome, Athens, Malta, Sicily, and Naples before returning to Edinburgh in 1818. The material gathered on this journey was central to his output for the remainder of his career, and earned him the name Grecian Williams, by which he is known.

All H.W. Williams engravings [plates ea. measure 6” x 10 ½.”] are priced at $50, with the exception of the (last) Restoration of the City of Athens [10 ½” x 12”, with a slight splitting at bottom-repaired] which is priced at $95.